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Ancient City Pipes & Drums

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  In 2000 Pipers Dave LeConey and Winston Boyd, both members of the Jacksonville Pipes & Drums, started talking about forming a new band, one closer to home. Being residents of St. Augustine, Florida, which was about an hour south of Jacksonville, both decided it was getting a little too much after a days work. It wasn't an easy decision, having been members of the Jacksonville band for many years.
  During that first year Dave and Winston practiced at each others homes and started laying out the plans for their new band; setting up a reportoire, developing a recruitment plan, etc.
  It was during this first year that Dave's wife Betty met Ralph Shear (Piper with the Daytona Beach Pipes & Drums) in the Wal-Mart Shopping Center, St Augustine, after noticing his Scottish bumper stickers. Ralph living in Palm Coast also knew of another piper, Jack Kelly (a retired NYC Police Department Piper ) in Palm Coast. The band now had 4 pipers and the possible support of the St. Johns County Sheriff's Dept. After picking up several more pipers and plenty of practice, we stepped off in our first parade in December 2000. 
  Since that first parade, we have had members come and go, but we are still around and growing. In 2002, we did our last parade as the Sheriff's Dept Pipes & Drums and became the independent Ancient City Pipes & Drums. We now have 7 regular (active) Pipers, 8 drummers, a Drum Major and approximately 8-10 associate pipers and drummers (members or other groups who perform with us on occasion).
  We are a non-profit, non-competition band, but strive to play and perform at a level and quality befitting any competition group. All monies earned go toward band equipment nd  outfitting new members. We have performed/paraded in New York City, Universal Studios Macy's Parade, St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Palm Coast, and Orlando.

Band Officers

Pipe Major:   Winston Boyd
PipeSgt:    Ralph Shear
Drum Major: Mike Donohue
Drum Sgt:   Ross Mobila
Treasurer: Paul Schofield
Secretary: Bill Byrne
QuarterMaster: Dave Lamb