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Ancient City Pipes and Drums

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The Ancient City Pipes & Drums, is based near the nation's oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida. We are Americans with roots in Scotland and Ireland. Our purpose is to promote and share our culture, heritage and love of bagpipe and drum music with the local community.
We are proud to be Americans, and also proud of our Celtic ancestry.


We are a non-competition Bagpipe band, performing in local parades and festivals throughout the NE and Central Florida area. Our members come from the St. Augustine, Palm Coast and Daytona/Ormond Beach areas of Northeastern Florida.
   We welcome all new members, experienced or inexperienced. We teach piping and drumming locally for those wishing to join our band.
  You are invited to tour through our other pages in this website and learn more about us. All comments concerning this website are welcome.
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